Tuesday, August 16, 2011

About DCLeF Entertainment

Hello fellow friends...

DCLeF Entertainment team : from left - Bart Lalih, Ketty Natalia, Fazo and Hazrul
 On 22nd May 2011, I've made another milestone on my musical journey. Together with the other two partners in crime (hehehe), we've formed a music production house named as DCLeF Entertainment (002040733-V) Like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dclef.ent 

Our objective to produce and promote local music talents effectively. Partners are : Founder / Music Director-Fazo, Art Director-Hazrul Abdul Halim, Marketing Director-Bart Lalih. Our first resident Artist is Ketty Natalia. Ketty's official fan page is at http://www.facebook.com/ketty.natalia

Ketty's first single song is called "INSPIRASI" which is expected to hit our local music scene in September 2011. "INSPIRASI" is an alternative rock genre influenced from band like Linkin Park and Audio Slave.

"INSPIRASI" was composed by Fazo and lyrics by Sulu Sarawak. This song was made based on Ketty's true story. Ketty had faced lots of difficult moment in her life in pursuing her passion on singing. Despite of having many failures on the past, she keeps pursuing her interest in singing until DCLeF Entertainment has spotted her talent and offer her a recording contract.

The song, "INSPIRASI" is about her true life on how she bounces back from the failure in the past. This is a good song for anyone who feels down and want to motivate themself. Listening to "INSPIRASI" has truely inspired her soul to be more positive and keep moving forward and never look back. Ketty will share her true emotion and her musical journey in this song "INSPIRASI".

Among the sessionist involved in this project are :

1. Sam Maya - drummer
2. Rizal Halim a.k.a Ritz - guitarist
3. Kelly - bassist
4. Fazo - keyboards
5. Adzrin Adzhar - vocal guide +  backing voc

We hope to gain support from local radio stations as well as from the listeners.

DCLeF Entertainment is commited to inspire everyone with music!